Saturday, November 30, 2002

Gobble, Gobble

There wasn't a Turkey this year for Thanksgiving as I was not able to find one in the local markets.  In fact, since Thanksgiving is a US holiday, I had to work :P  So, Thanksgiving passed without too much excitement or merriment for me.  I do miss the start of the holiday season.  Because Kosovo has a Muslim majority, there is little evidence of the holiday spirit that you see in the US.  In fact, the Serbian Orthodox Christmas isn't until the 7th of January!  

I was able to score a fake tree from Bondsteel this year and decorations from Bondsteel.  Sticking with family tradition, I decorated my office the day after Thanksgiving.  I passed out candy canes, which many of my colleagues had never seen before!  One interesting thing that I learned is that in Kosovo, they do not have a Christmas tree because they don't celebrate it...but they do make a tree for New Year's.