Monday, April 18, 2005

Haradinaj Family

On Friday, the 23 year-old brother of Ramush Haradinaj was shot and killed in a reported "clan" dispute in Peja/Pec.  The Hague temporarily released Ramush to attend the funeral.  The Haradinaj family has an interesting history with this generation of brothers.  Two were killed during the fighting in 1999, another has been convicted of murder, and now this incident and the arrest of Ramush.  Movement to Peja/Pec was restricted until this afternoon due to the shooting death and possible security risks to international staff traveling in the region. 
There was an explosion in Pristina last night near the Illira Hotel.  There aren't many details right now but the explosion is reportedly near one of the political party offices (ORA).  The attack was targeted at the political party of Veton Surroi, a publisher of one of the local newspaper (I think Koha Ditore).  Three children were injured in the blast as I believe the party's office was located in the ground level of an apartment block.  The children were living on the second floor of the building and luckily not seriously injured.