Tuesday, September 30, 2003

CITS Road Rally III

After coming in 1st Place at the last two Road Rallies, it was time to help out planning one.  CITS Chief Jim Martin was leaving the mission in a few weeks so we held a Road Rally mid-September.  With two other IT colleagues, we planned a route through Kosovo taking participants from Pristina to Batlava Lake to Ferizaj in an all-day event.  Things went without a hitch except for one vehicle that ignored our 4X4 advice and got stuck in the mud (the driver decided to plow down the middle of the mud rather than going through the shallow right side as we suggested...and also ignored the advice to let the best 4X4 driver take the wheel at that point!)  
The next Road Rally is probably going to be held in the springtime (May 2004.)  Already during this rally, one of the colleagues asked if I would like to help plan the next route...and someone needs to watch him or else it will turn into a 4X4 motocross event!!!