Friday, January 23, 2004


I wrote to my mom last week to tell her how the weather was wonderful and the temperatures was up to 55�F but this week, I take it ALL back!  Brr!  It is freezing cold now!  The temperature took a sudden dive from pre-spring into the bitterness of a Kosovo winter.  Two days of 20mph wind with temperatures in the teens!  Today it is clear and 14�F, which is still bitterly cold!  I am fortunate to have those two wood-burning stoves in my flat to heat the house up when I get home from work.  I usually spend 15 minutes in the morning hauling firewood upstairs before taking a shower.  It's a good work-out for me!  Plus, you really can't beat the crackle of a wood fire while you sit on the couch and drink hot chocolate :)