Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It's Official :(

News came out today that the water company will start rationing the water supply between 1000-1700hrs every day due to outstanding debts of 13M Euros and illegal connections to the water supply.  They are also (I happily note) encouraging people not to misuse the supply to water sidewalks and/or gardens...but as I have learned, a great many of the people here have little respect for anyone other than themselves.  It is apparent in the way they drive, conduct themselves in restaurants and lines...most aspects of everyday life.  
Oh, I probably forgot to share earlier, but my contract has been extended until June 2005.  While I doubt that I will stay in Kosovo all that time due to the foreseen end of my project, who really knows what will happen in this crazy world of ours?!  I've learnt that in the UN most of the time it is "believe it when you see it" and the same applies for the rumor mill that is ever circulating information :)

The checkpoint is again unmanned although there is still a tank parked there.  But I haven't seen soldiers since last night...maybe their napping inside the tank?  It is unlikely that KFOR will be "allowed" to leave the entrance of Gracanica.  According to UN Resolution 1244 which created the mission, Serbia is allowed to have troops in Kosovo for the safety and security of the citizens (read Serb written between the lines.)  Now, because of the violence last March and the inability of KFOR/UNMIK to protect the Serb population, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not KFOR can actually handle the security for the Serb population in Kosovo to prevent this kind of reverse "ethnic cleansing".