Friday, June 9, 2006

KPS Break-up Demonstrations - 81 Arrested

The "Self-Determination" group's demonstration in front of the UNMIK Mission HQ has ended today after KPS (Kosovo Police Service) riot police intervened, arresting 90 people.  Nine people were released after discovering that they were minors.  For the past two days, the group has blocked the entrances to MHQ with sheer number of people and concrete barricades.  The protesters set up tents along Police Avenue and camped overnight on the main street of downtown Pristina.  Protesters are complaining now that the police used excessive force and state that dozens were injured when the police started making arrests around 0300CET.
The SRSG, Soren Jessen-Petersen, had described those in the "Self-Determination" group as being "lost people" who are not contributing to the peaceful, positive progress of Kosovo.  The Albanian Prime Minister, Agim Ceku, said that the protests only serve the enemies of Kosovo's independence.  The "Self-Determination" group in turn accuses the Albanian government officials of being puppets of the UN and continue to demand an immediate vote for independence (referendum), the annulment of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, and that UN leave Kosovo.