Saturday, March 24, 2007


I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning.  Over the night, the light rain turned into snow and there is a steady stream of white stuff still falling through the morning.  After one and a half weeks of very nice weather since I got back, I was thinking that spring had arrived!  But today I had to dig my vehicle out from under the snow and the roads were slick with brown slush.  I guess winter is trying to stick around a little bit longer and I'll have to keep the sweaters out a bit longer :) 
The parking lot was flooded where my spot is so when I jumped out of the car this morning, the water rose above the rubber on my boots and the cold slush soaked in.  I guess it is time to waterproof the tops again!  I'm actually sitting at my desk right now without any shoes in the hopes that my socks will dry out before lunch *hehe*

The weather will make moving interesting.  I am supposed to move the furniture to the new place tomorrow.  I am paying some university students to help take apart, carry it to the new flat, and put it back together.  They'll also have to rearrange the existing furniture in the flat as I am kind of attached to my furniture (I do have good taste after all!)  Then on Sunday, I've bribed all my friends to come over to help carry the last of the boxes, promising BBQ ribs and beer (but I think we'll end up cooking inside!)  Anyways, I'm looking forward to being in the new place on Sunday and hope the weather will improve soon so I can use that nice new terrace for BBQs!