Monday, September 8, 2008

How Time Flies!

The old saying about how "time flies when you are having fun" has to apply to the past few weeks that I haven't had a chance to update the site.  There continues to be speculation about the composition of the reconfigured UNMIK mission and debate on whether or not the EU will be ready to take over at the end of November.
On 28 August there was a "scuffle" in North Mitrovica in which seven people were injured and two UN vehicles were damaged.  There has been lots of talk about the Kosovo government enforcing rule of law in the north of Kosovo.  The Kosovo government has stated that they will not use force in the north...I somehow think that it's a bit surprising that it even was reported but evidently someone suggested it at some point or else it wouldn't have been news!

Recognition of Kosovo's independence may come sometime this month, speculated to be 23 September, however there are questions about whether or not Skopje will request Kosovo's recognition of their constitutional name (Republic of Macedonia) and border demarcation in exchange...and that has upset Kosovo politicians.

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