Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Cowgirl is Angry

I have often laughed at the antics of Vetevendosje and their often brilliant ideas of how to get their point across like depositing a ribbon-wrapped toilet to the gate of the UN Mission HQ (now EULEX HQ) but after yesterday, the cowgirl is a bit angry.  I didn’t even really mind the last demonstration when Vetevendosje sprayed the UN with sewage water and threw rotting bags of garbage over the fence…but for me yesterday they crossed a line of decency.  So what has the cowgirl so worked up?  The defacing of the blast barrier outside the former UNMIK HQ that was so nicely decorated by the children of Kosovo and the international community!  If I was one of the youngsters who spent my International Children’s Festival day working my little heart away on my piece of the wall I would cry to see that Vetevendosje came along and spray-painted over my work of art.  The defacing of the children’s artwork demonstrates a clear lack of respect, not towards the UN or EULEX because we all know that it’s not there, but for the children of Kosovo whose art is now destroyed.  Vetevendosje, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

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