Monday, February 15, 2010

Serbian Church Fires Hardline Kosovo Bishop

Ultra-nationalist and hardliner Archbishop Artemije, the leader of the Orthodox Church in Kosovo, has been removed from his post due to accusations of the embezzlement of millions of Euros from the church and aid organizations over the past several years.  Artemije is widely known for his anti-Western and ulta-nationalistic views.  In an interesting twist to the story, monks supporting the newly appointed Bishop Atanasije clashed with monks supporting Artemije on Sunday when he tried to enter the Gracanica monastery.

Them are fighting words!!!  The Speaker of the Kosovo Assembly, Jakup Krasniqi, has made statements that if Northern Kosovo refuses to integrate with Kosovo then why don’t ethnic Albanians in Southern Serbia (Presevo Valley) secede and join Kosovo.  The statement is made in reference to plans to create a new municipality in the North of Kosovo.  Already Serbia has reacted to the statements by Jakup calling it war-mongering and asking the international community to condemn the statements.

Also in Presevo Valley, an Albanian police officer and his family were injured in an apparent car bombing.  A police spokesperson has called the bombing a terrorist attack.

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