Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shoot-Out Leaves Four Unidentified Albanians Dead

Four unidentifed men (Albanians from Kosovo & Macedonia) were shot and killed near Vitina/Viti on 21 June under unknown circumstances.  Five people arrived at the Vitina police station in a vehicle that was bullet-ridden.  Three people were declared dead-on-arrival and a fourth died after being sent to the hospital.  As the shooting occurred in a village near the border with Macedonia there is speculation that the incident may be related to the recent crack-down on arms traficking in the area by ethnic Albanians.
The Kosovo Albanian man, Bajram Asllani, arrested last week for extradiction to the US to face terrorism charges has been released by an EULEX judge who ruled that Kosovo did not have a valid treaty for extradiction to the US.  While the prosecutor examines the judge’s decision and decided to appeal or not, Asllani will be required to report to the police twice a week.

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