Friday, July 1, 2011

Kosovo Muslims Demand New Mosque

Approximately 300 Kosovo Muslims gathered in the streets of Pristina during Friday prayers to demonstrate their desire for a new mosque in the capital city.  The demonstrations and complaints have begun in earnest after the grand opening of the Mother Theresa Catholic Cathedral in downtown Pristina earlier this year.  The protestors say they do not have enough space in the existing mosques in Pristina (which are quite a few mosques which date back to Ottoman times) due to the growing number of practicing Muslims.

Thinking about growing, the results of the Kosovo census are out.  The census puts the number of people living in Kosovo at 1.7 million.  The census was boycotted by the Serb population which is estimated to be at 60,000 people.  The census also lists the population of Pristina as being 198,000 but does not include the number of the large expatriate community which resides in the capital.