Friday, November 11, 2011

Trial of KLA Fighters Begins

The very publicized and widely debated trial of 10 KLA fighters has begun today with much of the focus on Fatmir Limaj.  Many of the articles fail to even mention the other nine defendants facing charges of war crimes, torture and murder of kidnapped civilians and paramilitaries in 1999.  All 10 defendants have plead not guilty to the charges. 

Limaj's defense has requested a delay of the trial until January citing the late presentation of evidence for examination by the prosecution.  Additionally, it is rumored that the trial is waiting for the forensic results for the death of Agim Zogaj, also known as Witness X, who was the prosecution's star witness until his alleged suicide in Germany. 

Yesterday, EULEX prosecutor Maurizio Salustro was reported to have interviewed Kosovo PM Haschim Thaci, one of the few former KLA commanders who have not faced war crimes charges, on the request of Limaj's defense team.