Monday, April 9, 2012

Explosion Kills One in North Mitrovica

An explosion outside an apartment in North Mitrovica's mixed neighborhood of Three Towers killed one Albanian man, Selver Haradinaj, and injured four of his children and wife on Sunday.  Called a terrorist act and condemned by the Kosovo government, the explosion has heightened the tension that has already been high in the disputed North of Kosovo.  In an alleged "response" to the killing of Hardinaj, three Albanians are said to have beaten a Serbian man who was returning home to the mixed village of Suvidoll.

Tensions have already been high between Albanians and Serbs since the announcement of Serbian elections in the North and the stoning of a Serbian convoy carrying members of the negotiating team in Pristina earlier in the week.  No one was injured in the stoning but material damage was done to two of the vehicles in the convoy.