Sunday, May 6, 2012

Local News from Kosovo

A quick summary of some of the hot topics in local Kosovo news for the past week...

Serbia Holds General Elections in Kosovo
Probably the biggest story in the local news has been the upcoming Serbian general elections that OSCE has agreed to help facilitate.  The US Ambassador, Christopher Dell, has stated that the elections are a good example of how neighboring countries can cooperate but warned that any local Serbian elections would be illegitimate.  Tensions remain high over the elections and the Minister of Serbian Secret Services has warned of the potential for violence against Serbs.

Kosovo Press Boycotts Government on Law on Press Freedom
Many of the local newspapers left the spot normally reserved for government politics blank in protest on a law passed by the Kosovo parliament that is heavily criticized as restricting the freedom of the press.  

Citizens urged to conserve water
People are being urged to begin conserving water as the weather begins to heat up.   The water authority warns that if people do not begin conserving water that the shortage will become more pronounced and there will be more cuts during the hot summer months.