Friday, August 30, 2002

New Family Member

There was a new addition to my family at the end of last month.  I adopted a puppy that was born under the containers in HQ.  I named him Smokey.  I can't say how excited I am to have a puppy of my own :)  I have always loved dogs and love having a pet. 

My rugs are absolutely ruined after house-training him...but he is house-trained now :) I learned the hard-way that I can't feed him the wet dog-food that is sold in the markets because his stomach doesn't take it well *eww*  And he does seem to get a little sick in the puking every single time he goes anywhere!!!  
I was able to find a vet in Pristina to give him his distemper and rabies shots.  Since he was living with his brothers and sisters under our containers, it wasn't a surprise to me to find that he had fleas and worms...but that was quickly taken care of with medicine and bathing.

Smokey is also very curious.  I took him out on the balcony one night because he was whining so much and wanted to go outside, but not to the bathroom.  Well, he tried taking a dive head-first off the second floor but I luckily caught him by the legs before he was off!  He has taken to following me around the house to see what I am doing and I am taking care not to step or trip over him since he is constantly on my heels.

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