Sunday, September 15, 2002

Things that Make You Go Ewww!

Eating is always an adventure in Kosovo.  With a combination of hot summer days and bad power, restaurants can have some trouble keeping food fresh.  I had quite an interesting experience recently at the small Alfredo restaurant across from OSCE.  I went over to the restaurant for lunch with a group of friends.  We ordered and sat down for a good meal.  The food is normally very delicious...but after today it will be a long, long, long time before I go back. 

One of the group ordered a pasta dish covered with cheese.  Just before taking a big bite of the meal, he noticed that the cheese was "crawling".  As it turns out, the cheese had spoilt and there were all sorts of little worms/maggots/nasty crawly bugs wriggling around in the lasagna dish.  I think all of us quickly lost our appetites as the dish was sent back to the kitchen.  Funnily enough, the waiter kept the dish on the bill when it was presented to the group and we protested heavily about paying for such a dish. 

Anyways, it was just another adventure in eating in Kosovo and I think I'll be poking my lasagna to make sure it doesn't move from now on!

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