Friday, September 24, 2004

Road Rally Organizer

It is time to hold a CITS (Comms & IT Section) Road Rally.  This year, I am again helping organize the event with a fellow IT colleague from Poland.  I am trusted to be the sensible one of the planning team, making sure that my colleague does not get carried away with rough roads.  He would ideally like to hold a rally on all rough roads requiring 4-wheel drive but the CITS Road Rally is designed to be for all, not just adventurers.  The Road Rally is supposed to be a fun event where participants follow clues and directions, answering questions about signs, businesses, or what towns they find themselves in.

I spent today going over the route, deciding on questions and clues.  Next weekend, the 2nd of October, we will hold the actual event and I hope that it will not rain as it has the past two weekends.  Actually the weather has been pretty bad the past two weekends...but only on the weekends!  Makes it kind of depressing when you have a break and the weather suddenly goes bad.

I took some pictures on Friday of the International Children's Day celebrations in Pristina.  It was wonderful to see all the children dressed in their traditional dress and dancing in the streets.  For Friday, it seemed that life was normal and everything was good in Kosovo.  Reality of the future for these children is unfortunate because unemployment is at nearly 70%, there is no stable economy, education is in a serious state of corruption and disarray, and there are few opportunities for those without money to go abroad and work (partly due to education and partly due to the poor reputation of Kosovars abroad because of those abusing the visa rules.)  But still life goes on and I imagine that one day someone may come up with a solution to allow these children to have the bright future they deserve.