Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mouse Killer!

Wow, I've been kind of bad at keeping my log up-to-date lately!  I was on vacation for one week but otherwise, I've been busy with work and every day life.  I did start doing graphics for my site (you might notice holiday graphics around) in my spare time for fun.  I've gone a little PSP Tube crazy the past week and even subscribed to a site so I could have access to 2000 tubes *hehe*  But hey, whatever makes me happy, right?

I started to keep Smokey indoors when I am home in the hopes that he will become more calm.  He really is a maniac, always jumping up on visitors and trying to playfully bite them.  I started working with a water bottle this evening to teach him not to try to steal my food when I am eating.  Right now, he is not being a spaz but quietly sitting on the couch next to me because there is no action in the house...but if I move, he will follow me.  No matter where I go in the house, he seems to be on my heels...which I can't say bothers me :)  The most humorous is when I go to take a shower and door opens halfway through and he peeks his head through the shower curtains to see what is going on.  Such a funny, curious dog :) 

Today when I was walking Smokey in the yard, he saw a field mouse and attacked it.  He dug a half-foot hole in the ground trying to capture it and succeeded.  Being that we have a problem in the house during the winter and spring with mice, I praised him for his catch.  I didn't realize though how much he was enjoying the mouse until he proceeded to start playing with it.  He was actually lightly holding it in his mouth and then tossing it up the air to go chase it again.  I think the dog-mouse game lasted about 10-15 minutes before the mouse was dead.  Anyways, I gave the new nickname of "mouse killer" to Smokey in addition to the all-time favorite of "spaz mutt" :)