Tuesday, October 5, 2004

A Kosovo Day

 Ugh!  I am having a Kosovo Day today.  The power was out when I woke up, which I can live with :)  But then, as I was taking my shower, the pressure started to drop off.  I thought to myself, "no, the water can't be going out."  But sure enough, as soon as I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair, there was no water!!!  Ack!!!

Then down the hill into Pristina for work.  Circling, driving, circling...looking for parking.  Emin told me that one of the offices did a study and there are 100,000 vehicles and only 30,000 parking spots.  Well, today, I was one of the suckers without a parking spot.  So, I circled and circled for half an hour until I saw someone leaving a spot in front of me.  YES!  So, I turn on my hazards to indicate that I'll be parking and wait two minutes as the guy pulls out...meanwhile, there are cars honking and whipping by me because they're in a hurry to go look for parking :)  Finally, the guy is out of the spot...YES!  I pull up to parallel park and the IDIOT behind me pulls up behind me so I can't back into the spot.  I just threw up my hands in disgust and reversed the car into the spot the best I could.  Because it was at a weird angle I ended up with both wheels up on the curb but after 30 minutes, I didn't care how I parked...just that I parked!!!

After work, I went shopping with Emin at one of the hipermarkets (or a Kosovo Walmart if you will.)  I found some really nice sushi-style plates and bought a set of four since my other dishes were getting beat-up after a couple of years...plus I never realized when buying them that the nice silver border around the edge would make the un-microwave friendly :)  Ah, you live and learn!  I also managed to find a great deal on a new toilet brush...yeah, it probably isn't exciting to you...but a normal toilet brush costs over $25 here and I bought one for $5 at the hipermarket!  It is funny the small things that you find that you take for granted, like a toilet brush, until you find that it is cost-prohibitive or unobtainable :) 

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