Thursday, October 28, 2004


Well, the fact that I didn't write anything is an indication of how quiet the election period was.  It was almost too quiet but I am thankful that there was no trouble.  In par with the rest of Europe and probably the US, only around 53% of the eligible population turned out to vote.  Of that, only 2% of the Serb population voted.  I would have thought with the displeasure at the current government and perceived lack of progress more people would have been interested in taking part.  I often told people that if they didn't vote in the elections, they forfeited the right to complain because they didn't do their part in the elections...even if their candidate lost, at least it was one more vote closer to changing the future.

I am however disappointed with the result of the election which is there was virtually  no change in the current government.  The current president's party lost one seat and the Prime Minister's party picked it up.  Other than that, nothing :-P  I really don't understand how people who say they are so dissatisfied with the work of the current government could elect the same officials to represent them for the next two years again!  I will be interested to see what occurs now...if the independence ticket will continue to be pushed before standards are set and established.  Really, I keep thinking to myself, who the heck cares about independence vs. autonomy when there is no economy, no education, no future?!? 

On the home front, there have been some interesting developments around our flat.  A couple months ago, someone broke the for sale sign outside the house.  Emin fixed it and a couple weeks ago, someone came and destroyed the sign.  This time there isn't hope to repair it because they smashed the post that was in the ground for the sign.  Then we discovered that someone had stolen part of our firewood.  They slashed the plastic over mine and then went around the corner to take some of Emin's family's as well.  I meant to replace the plastic this weekend but I was too lazy :)  But now Smokey is staying on the back balcony of our house, right outside the bedroom, because if they come back, I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind about stealing people's firewood.  It's downright impolite!!!

The weather hasn't been all that bad lately.  It is in the 50's most of the time so it has been a mild fall.  I am looking forward to when the temperature drops because I do love the scent and sounds of a wood fire burning.  Snuggling down on the couch with Smokey and a cup of hot chocolate to watch a movie :)  Ah, what a life!  But first, we have to get the brick-heater in the kitchen fixed and I have to clean the other heaters that Smokey oh-so-kindly peed on :-P  What a nasty dog!!!