Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Kosovo.  Since most of the girls in our offices are away from their honeys or single, I picked up a little bouquet of roses and lilies for them in the morning.  One of the other ladies had the same idea so I ended up with a nice red rose for my desk as well.
The Valentine's Benefit Program & Party went well this past Saturday.  We managed to raise over 700 Euros in a single night by asking for change at the bar and holding a raffle with donated prizes.  Many Pristina restaurants gave free dinner donations to the cause (Bella Vista, Home, Thai, Chinese, Himalaya Gorkha, Rio, Gresa, Mexicana) and I donated five DVD players as a contribution to the cause.  Just to be safe, we asked the managers of the American PX to use the DVD players for the raffle.  Sometimes people get upset when they see someone carrying a bunch of DVD players and there have been cases where electronics have ended up on the streets.  The electronics at the American PX are some of the best quality and much more affordable than the ones imported to Kosovo (or the ones that fall off trucks and end up in Kosovo).  Like most situations, there are people who will abuse the privilege and make others suffer for their greed.