Thursday, May 19, 2005

Time Flies

My goodness, has it really been a month since I wrote?  Well, it means that things are quiet and I was on vacation from Kosovo :)  I did have a moment of excitement last week when I was driving to the office.  I was in the right lane of traffic and someone decided to make a right turn in front of me from the left lane.  I ended up slamming on the brakes and throwing everything in the backseat onto the floor.  I got the typical "what'd I do" look from the other driver who made the illegal turn.  Really bizarre but then it is Kosovo!
DJ Vegas in da house!  I have become UNMIK's newest DJ.  I held my first SRC party last Saturday and it was a success.  I still have people coming up to me and telling me how much they enjoyed the night, so my ego has been getting a bit of a boost lately.  I am thinking to arrange another party next month and be on the regular lineup of DJs for the SRC parties.  The SRC (Staff Recreation Committee) exists for the welfare and morale of the staff on mission.  The SRC in Pristina consists of a Trips, Sports, Movies, and Social Committees.  I am currently the Head of both the Sports and Movie Committees therefore I chose not to run for the Executive Committee as suggested by the previous President.  Just too much on my plate if I did that, I'm sure!

The weather has taken a turn towards summertime.  The temperature went up almost 20�F in one day into the 70's earlier this week.  It has made for some great outdoor lunches :)  I also planted a flower garden near my entrance the week before I left for vacation and the flowers are starting to come out.  I have one bizarre rose bush that I planted last year or the year before and it simply just grows up, up, up and never blooms.  Really strange!  Smokey is also enjoying the weather and started to sleep outdoors again.  Plus he's shedding his winter fur so I am having to groom him every other day :-P