Wednesday, June 1, 2005


The weather is being sporadic at best lately.  It goes from hot/sunny to cold/rainy every few days.  We had an incredible storm on Sunday night.  I arrived back from a weekend in Greece with my capris and sandals to find strong winds, lightening, pelting rain, and overall really bad weather.  I ended up hiding in the house of a colleague until the storm subsided since I wasn't really dressed to brave the elements :)  Today is sunny with temperatures in the 70's but who knows what it will be like tomorrow!

Oh, I forgot to mention that my contract has been extended another six months.  When I called to tell my mom, she guessed what I'd say before I did.  "I've been extended another six months but after that, I don't know".  It seems to be one of our mantras in the mission.  Never knowing how long you'll be needed in the mission or if they'll want to move you to another location.  Some of my family asks if I want to come back to the US, especially my mom.  But actually, right now I am enjoying being overseas and I am still fairly young so I feel that I better take advantage of the opportunity to travel the world while I have it!  Maybe some day I will return to the US but not now.  If I am no longer needed in Kosovo, I hope to move on to Africa if possible to another peacekeeping mission.