Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Explosion Downtown

Around 2035 hrs, there was an explosion in downtown Pristina.  I happened to be getting in my car to go home at the time when I heard it.  Since there had been some thunder already, I first thought it was but then I realized that the sound was not quite the same because the boom was too short lived.  The security guard didn't seem sure to let me out of the compound but I was allowed to leave...good thing I turn the other way to go home!
Then, I promptly got stuck in traffic going up the hill out of Pristina due to a huge traffic accident.  Two vehicles lay smashed up, completely blocking the southbound traffic lanes.  We had to jump the median in order to pass.  I guess the rain combined with high speed was the probable cause.  Reckless driving seems to be a major traffic issue in Kosovo.  I often joke about how poorly they drive here but I think most people would honestly go stark-raving mad after experiencing just five minutes in Kosovo traffic.

Last night the power was out in Gracanica for nine hours.  I think there was a problem at the power plant because it was only on for two hours before going off again.  I think I said a few things about "crappy" and KEK in the same sentence as I fired up the generator again.  It seems like they are having some trouble switching the power back on in my area at times because it will go on-off every couple of seconds for awhile before finally coming on for the scheduled period.  When the overhead lights are on it's like being in a disco *hehe*