Thursday, December 1, 2005

Eventful Day

It's only 1325 CET and it has already been an eventful day for me.  I was stuck at home for part of the morning due to the road being blocked in Gracanica due to an "ongoing police operation", UN Security's catch-all for any event that occurs in Kosovo.  It was later this morning that I discovered the roadblock was due to a drive-by shooting that injured a Serbian youth in a nearby village.  Several hundred Serbs gathered and stoned several vehicles in downtown Gracanica.
Then when we went to lunch, we discovered a group of men (20-30) demonstrating in front of the gate at MHQ.  We aren't sure what they are demonstrating but we believe that they have lost their jobs.  Often groups of former employees gather in front of the MHQ to protest their unemployment although there is little that UNMIK can do...they should rather protest to the Kosovo government.

Fatmir Limaj arrived back in Pristina today and there was a large celebration near the university.  From 1400-1800, the Albanians were again celebrating in Pristina with firecrackers, flags, and car horns.