Monday, December 5, 2005

Rocket Attack

Saturday evening (3rd) there was a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack on a bus near Prizren.  The bus was carrying several different ethnicities but mostly Albanians.  Luckily, the two RPGs did not detonate and no one was injured.  Local and international politicians are condemning the attack and stating that there are forces at work in Kosovo that do not want stability in the region.  The SRSG has ordered security to be increased with more patrols and vehicle checkpoints.
In other news, a report by OSCE has been issued stating that the local courts failed to condemn the violence in March 2004 by not dedicating resources, not acting quickly enough, and allowing witnesses to be intimidated.  Over 600 Serbian homes were burned, 30 churches, and 4,000 people fled in the outbreak of violence in March 2004.  The report said that while the courts did address the deaths, displacement, and descruction of property its response was "not strong enough".  You can read more about the report at SE European Times.

Today marks the beginning of the new power schedule for A,B,C areas.  KEK is playing with the power now.  The grids have changed recently to A,B,C areas.  A areas will receive constant 24/7 power, B areas will have 5:1 or 4:2 (I forget which it is), and C areas will have whatever is left over.  As I suspected Gracanica is in a C area...or maybe even D *hehe*  Today my power was on most of the day but the voltage was running at 160V and my freezer defrosted while the power was on.  I ended up purchasing a make-up transformer to bring the voltage back to 220V so that the kitchen appliances will function normally.