Saturday, May 19, 2007

Catching Up

I've been quiet this week as I've been on vacation and trying to just kick back and relax instead of running around like mad as I usually do.  Most of my vacations end up with me coming back to Kosovo and being thankful as I can finally put my feet up and rest *hehe*  But this vacation, it was just me, Gil Grissom, and Horatio Caine...yes, I've been catching up on CSI: Las Vegas and Miami :)  I got back in time to catch my new favorite cable TV show in Kosovo as well, the US crime drama "Criminal Minds" basically I've been camped out in front of the TV a lot :)
Anyways, MTCowgirl's Kosovo Update...
The US has stated that it will not make moves for unilateral recognition of Kosovo and that Washington is going to continue pursuing a resolution in the Security Council.  These statements from Daniel Fried (I'm sure he pronounces it "Freed" but I prefer "Fried" which sometimes I thought his brain must be partly for the statements he has made in the past on Kosovo...but I digress!) came after talks between Russia and the US about various issues; the two biggest issues being the US' proposed missile defense systems in Eastern Europe and Kosovo's status.

Kosovo PM Agim Ceku has made statements that Kosovo would be independent by the end of the month but then several PMs before him made similar promises which never were fulfilled.  Ceku also has stated that independence is the "only solution" that would guarantee stability and peace in the Balkans (a veiled threat if I've ever seen one!)  <soapbox>Ceku was on the Interpol Wanted List for war crimes in Croatia until some higher-ups in the UN convinced them to take him off the list.  The circumstances still are very suspicious and  Ceku seems to be too much of a thug than politician.  Ceku's continued threats of unilateral declarations of independence when a Security Council resolution is close just seem to be a waste of breath and effort.  I really wish he would get off his little independence bandwagon and actually start working on making things better for the citizens of Kosovo!</soapbox>