Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tiffany's Has Re-Opened???

I heard that Tiffany Restaurant back by the Sports Stadium is open again.  If it is, I am soooo happy as it is the restaurant to get traditional Balkan food!  Dining there was always a three-hour event starting with fresh baked flat breads with a plate of yummy dipping sauces.  Then you could get a huge bowl of fresh green salad drizzled in olive oil.  After polishing off the salad, it was time for the main courses of which my favorites were the rice with mushrooms, elbasan, and the grilled meat.  There was never a menu at Tiffany's but there was always bread, salad, and grilled of the Balkan diet :)  My mouth is already watering and my belt is groaning at the thought of going back!

Oh, I almost forgot, I've done a little update on my restaurant guide with updated phone numbers.  I've discovered a great little bakery in Dardania that sells fresh cinnamon rolls, cakes, croissants, and all sorts of other yummy treats!  It is called Joni and you can find it at the end of Dardania Tunnel.  If you go through the tunnel from near the Bill Clinton poster to the end and turn right, you'll find the bakery in the row of shops on the left side of the road towards the end.