Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sunkissed & Freezing

I need to sit down and update my travel log with my latest adventures in Thailand (that's where the sunkissed comes in!)  I have to admit that I'm probably the only suntanned person in Kosovo at the moment because the weather is cold, snowy, and freezing!  I guess I was lucky leaving at the beginning of the month as the skies opened up and the fluffy white stuff poured out from above.  The fog has been heavy as well resulting in many flight cancellations (in fact, I got stuck in Istanbul on the way back due to my flight being cancelled after 5-hours of delays due to fog in Pristina!) and a kind of eerie atmosphere when the Kosovo blackbirds take flight!
Besides the funky weather, I missed out on the Kosovo elections of which former KLA-commander Thaci won the biggest portion of votes at 34%.  Having so many political parties vying for power means coalition governments must be formed and it's expected that Thaci's party will form a coalition with former President Rugova's party.  With the lowest voter turnout since the end of the conflict, only 45% of registered voters turned out showing just how disenchanted the local people are with their politicians