Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Morning After Hang-over

It is with sadness that I write today that one Ukrainian peacekeeper with the UN was killed yesterday during violent clashes between Serbs, UN, and NATO in North Mitrovica. Around 40 UN peacekeepers and a handful of NATO troops were injured in the clashes which also left some 70 Serb civilians injured, one reported to be in critical condition. The situation appears to be calm and quiet this morning, perhaps there is a bit of a morning after hang-over from yesterday that has people wondering what exactly went wrong.

Kosovo News - (Related to yesterday's events)
MTCowgirl's Interesting Articles/Commentary
(And since it has been a while, my little disclaimer...these articles/commentary do not reflect my personal opinion but while reading, I found them interesting with possibly some valid points hence my reason for sharing them. Perhaps you agree, maybe you don't but at least by reading them you'll be better informed about the arguments people make for (it's harder to find those articles for some reason!) and against Kosovo's independence and the difficulties an independent Kosovo face :)