Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Officially Sick of Politics!

MTCowgirl must declare that she is officially sick of politics...
The lack of clear direction from UNHQ in NY regarding Kosovo's independence has left most of the UN staff scratching their heads and wondering "what to do" (to borrow a phrase from the locals). The EU has started transitioning from EUPT (EU Planning Team) to EULEX (LEX meaning "law" in Latin...the mission name is not in fact an acronym) but logistics are proving to be challenging as EULEX was due to move into facilities vacated by downsizing UNMIK. Some on the ground even talk about tension between the two organizations due to the UN's non-commitment to let the EU take over under UNSC Resolution 1244. It is thought that the UN Security Council will meet to discuss Kosovo around the 17th of March, interesting that this is also the anniversary of the day that the 2004 March riots began. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon is expected to submit a report in late March on Kosovo...until then, the UN will just continue to plan to hand things over to the EU whenever (as it seems there is no longer any ifs about it...) that will happen.