Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kosovo to go Catholic?

The Vatican is eyeing Kosovo following independence and wondering how much evangelizing it can do in the region. The Kosovo archbishop has stated that Kosovo Muslims need a "cultural baptism" into Catholicism.
In other Kosovo news, the UN mission will remain in Kosovo for the time being according to a report by the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon. The report leaves the question of the legality of the EULEX mission in question as well as the status of the transition between the two organizations.

Kosovo Serbs held a mass protest in N.Mitrovica and Gracanica yesterday promising to continue demonstrating until Kosovo's independence was nullified by the UN. Russia is already threatening to use its power to block Kosovo from joining the UN.

I think I actually forgot to mention that the US is planning on supplying weapons to Kosovo as part of an assistance package. There have been various articles on the topic from Serbia slamming & Kosovo welcoming, Russia's disapproval and US State Department justifications and a summary of different options from RIA Novosti.

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