Monday, June 22, 2009

KEK To Cut Power

An announcement has come out from KFOR that the Kosovo Electric Company (KEK) is planning on cutting the power to Gracanica from 0600 – 2359 hours every day.  The timing of the electricity cut to one of the largest Serbian enclaves comes right before the Vidovdan (St. Vitus) celebrations and the anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo Polje.  KEK is hoping to settle the issue of outstanding bills not paid since 1999 and a possible collective settlement of 26 Euros/month per household but given the timing one can’t help but wonder if someone needs a “KEK in the @$$” for taking a decision to cut off the power right before such significant celebrations!

Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon of the UN has addressed the UN Security Council on the situation in Kosovo.  The report was complimentary to the EULEX mission and their reaching operational capacity in April.  The Kosovo government on the other hand did not seem to be presented in a very positive light with the divisions still remaining between the communities.  The full report can be read online through the UN Security Council reports.

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