Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oink, Oink!

Smokey and I are back home in Pristina after a short-break home in Las Vegas and the doggy-prison (kennel).  As usual, Smokey got tossed in the bathtub and was washed immediately as he usually doesn’t smell great (ok, he reeks something terrible!) when he gets home but they do take fairly good care of my puppy when I can’t :)

Journalism is a word that could be used loosely when talking about news in Kosovo.  The latest laughable article found warns the locals in Kosovo about the dangers of associating with the international community because we evidently are carrying swine flu.  I’m sure there was strong factual evidence behind the claims so all I have to say is “oink, oink” :o )

In other news, a demonstration outside the government building by the veterans of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) turned violent when protestors lobbed Molotov cocktails and explosive devices across the fence.  Traffic downtown was also disrupted due to a sit-down protest by members of the KLA in the middle of one of the busiest roads (Pristina-Podujevo).

Kosovo politicians are under the impression that they will be able to join the UN within the next five years.  However considering the fact that to-date even Palestine has not been able to join as a full-member due to regional politics, it is unlikely that it will happen unless Serbia acknowledges Kosovo’s independence.  But according to some Kosovo government officials, Serbia may soon recognize Kosovo and even urge the UN to close its mission…but again, that’s journalism in Kosovo :)

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