Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vetevendosje Strikes Again

The Self-Determination Group (Vetevendosje) struck out at EULEX yesterday, damaging 26 vehicles and injuring three KPS officers.  Many of the vehicles were overturned and nearly all had their windows smashed out in the Pristina municipal parking (of course there are signs everywhere saying that the Pristina Municipality is not responsible for damage caused to vehicles while in the lot…but somehow this rates up a little higher than a hit&run fender bender in a parking lot in my book!).  The EULEX police spokesperson quickly condemned the attack saying that while the organization supports the democratic right to demonstrate the act of criminal damage is unacceptable.  Vetevendosje gave the reasoning of the recent signing of a cooperation agreement on organized crime between the Serbian Ministry of Interior and EULEX for the criminal damage.  It has been quite some time since Vetevendosje organized a demonstration like this and the first time that the group has attacked EULEX.  As usual, Vetevendosje later alleged police brutality and stated that one of its members was being treated in the local hospital.  Rumor has it that KPS initially did not want to intervene to stop the destruction of the vehicles but finally did so on the insistence of EULEX management.

In a separate and unrelated demonstration in the North, EULEX police clashed with demonstrators protesting the rebuilding of Albanian houses in the north of Kosovo.  Daily protests continue over the rights of Albanians to rebuild in the north of the Ibar where a Serbian majority resides.

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