Thursday, September 3, 2009

EULEX Continues Getting Slammed

Last Thursday, 27 August, Vetevendosje struck again and slashed the tires of some 30 EULEX vehicles in the Dragodan and Tophane area.  A fake albeit very well-made copycat EULEX website has popped up recently (  I’ve heard that EULEX is trying to have the website shutdown so who knows how long it will be up, but it’s worth a look and a chuckle as you read (I particularly liked the “Fun Facts” section on the bottom right of the page *hehe*) On Sunday, 6 September 2009, there will be a quiz night at 91 Pub from 1900 hours to raise funds for the Kosovo Dog Shelter which is always in need of support.  Several different prizes have been arranged by the organizers and it is only 1 Euro per person.

Thinking of the dog shelter, I’m happy to say that the Spazmutt is doing well.  I think my landlady is starting to slightly warm up to him after all this time although the daughter of the family is still absolutely terrified and seems to think that his only goal in life is to eat her.  It’s interesting how there seems to be a culture of fear in regards to dogs in Kosovo.  The other day when walking Smokey several of the neighborhood boys wanted to come pet Smokey but one of the adults on the street was very stern in telling them no and that the dogs are bad.  Funnily enough a few of the girls in the neighborhood had just finished petting him a little ways up the road.  But I think in walking Smokey on the street and letting the kids pet him (of which he is very patient to the point of letting some of them pull and play with his tail) has helped in dispelling some of the fear that the adults seem to have difficulty conquering and imbed in the children in regards to animals.

A week or so ago, someone contacted me about finding a good hairdresser.  After having some truly horrifying and artistically interesting haircuts in Pristina, I managed to find a very good hairdresser in the Ulpiana area.  For information and telephone numbers for some of the hairdressers and beauty salons, visit my Kosovo Tips page :)

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