Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kosovars apply for Serbian passports

Many Kosovo Albanians have applied for new biometric passports issued by Serbia after the application of the white schengen visa rules.  While Kosovo has started to issue new passports, they are not included in the white schengen zone and must obtain visas to travel to Europe.

In other news, Kosovo Montenegrins are working to gain minority status in Kosovo.  There are currently two political parties representing Montenegrins and they are seeking to be officially recognized as a minority in Kosovo and to establish better diplomatic ties between Kosovo and Montenegro.  Serbia recently withdrew their ambassador to Montenegro following the establishment of diplomatic ties with Kosovo.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon delivered his report on Kosovo to the Security Council last week and called on Serbia & Kosovo to focus on cooperation rather than status issues.  Serbian president Tadic will address the council on January 22nd in a meeting focused on Kosovo.  Meanwhile UNMIK has announced that it will further downsize by June 2010 by cutting 60 positions bringing the total mission size to approximately 440 staff.