Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kosovo Authorities Eject Serb Officials

In the past few weeks in an effort to crackdown on parallel structures, Kosovo authorities have been arresting and tossing Serb officials out of Kosovo.  Approximately two weeks ago the Serbian Kosovo Minister, Goran Bogdanovic, was detained and escorted to the border after engaging in political meetings with Serbs.  One point of contention however is that Bogdanovic is actually a Serb born in Kosovo.  Yesterday, five Serb officials were arrested and escorted to the administrative line.

Ethnic tensions are on the rise with the recent explusions of Serb officials from Kosovo and the Kosovo government’s plans to integrate the North.  Authorities in Pristina have been working with the EU’s International Civilian Office (ICO) to come up with a plan to integrate Northern Kosovo and get rid of parallel institutions.  EULEX, which should be noted to not fall in the same category as ICO, has said that the integration plan is not an EU strategy.  UNMIK which has the UN Kosovo Team in the North has stated that it was not consulted in developing the plan for integration.

In other news, EULEX has summoned Vetevendosje leader, Albin Kurti, to court to face charges stemming from the deadly riots in February 2007.  In turn Vetevendosje slammed EULEX for not dealing with parallel structures and lacking will to prosecute Serbs.