Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taste of Home

Recently, we discovered a taste of home in the Tusido Cafe located on the lower level of the Pristina Football Stadium.  The first time we walked into the restaurant, Alan Jackson was blaring over the sound system via a satellite radio station.  We then proceeded to gobble down Buffalo Chicken sandwich wraps that reminded us of being back home.  One menu item that we can't wait to try are the Buffalo Wings.  Based on the chicken served in the wrap, the wings are the spicy tidbits of chicken we are used to being served back home in the US.  And while we haven't tried the breakfast yet I hope to get down there one morning as they offer skillet breakfasts and pancakes.

A pet peeve of mine, restaurant bathrooms, proved not to be an issue with the super clean and tasteful decor of the bathrooms at Tusido.  While the smoking section does impede on the non-smoking section, we didn't find that we left the restaurant reeking of cigarettes, a huge plus in Pristina!

Stop by the location at the Pristina FC Stadium, visit online, or give them a call at 038 233 666