Tuesday, June 5, 2012

KFOR Clashes with Serbs in North - EULEX Mandate Extended to 2014

On Friday, 1 June, KFOR clashed with Serb demonstrators in the North of Kosovo when KFOR attempted to remove a barricade.  Four Serbs and two German KFOR soldiers were injured in the clashes.  KFOR responded with live fire after coming under fire in addition to using tear gas and rubber bullets.  Following the clash, the Serbian Headquarters for Emergency Situations in the North stated that it would not allow EULEX members to travel in the North while the spokesperson for the outgoing Serbian government said that the decision to cooperate with EULEX will be taken by the incoming Serbian government. 

In other news, it was announced today that the mandate of EULEX will be extended until 14 June 2014.  The initial budget for 2012-2013 is Euro 111 Million.  The mission is currently undergoing a reconfiguration over the summer for an overall reduction of 25% of its staff with an increased focus on justice and customs.