Friday, June 29, 2012

Many Injuries as Serbs clash with Kosovo Police - Fist Fight in Kosovo Parliament

Yesterday marked St. Vitus (Vivodan) celebration for Serbians and it was estimated that more than 50 people were injured between clashes between Serbian celebrants and Kosovo Police.  The Kosovo Police reportedly deported several buses of young, drunk Serbians traveling to Gazimenstan for the celebrations.  After crossing the border, the youths began to throw stones at the Kosovo Police and reportedly also fired shots.  32 Kosovo Police were treated for injuries and 20 Serbs were seen for injuries.

In a separate incident, a bus carrying Serbians was stoned and a Molotov cocktail was thrown at it as it passed on the highway through Pristina.  I actually got to see the still smoking Molotov cocktail as it smoldered in the road near Hotel Victory on the Pristina-Skopje highway.  My inital reaction was "why is that beer bottle burning?" and the next thought was "holy crap, that's what a Molotov cocktail looks like!"

In a totally unrelated incident, Vetevendosje and PDK members of parliament engaged in two separate fistfights in the Kosovo Parliament Building yesterday over SHIK.  At this time no charges have been filed but if medical reports are provided, criminal charges can be filed according to the Pristina Municipal Prosecutor.

Yesterday, the Kosovo Police denied the entry of the Serbian Kosovo Minister, Bodganovic, due to his support for parallel structures in the North of Kosovo.