Thursday, March 25, 2004

Day After Hope

1200 CET:  Day of Hope passed without too much incident.  There were rather large but peaceful rallies through-out Kosovo...with political leaders at most urging for calm.  The only report incident was that of a Serbian throwing a hand-grenade from N. Mitrovica towards the bridge and injuring two French KFOR soldiers.

An interesting happening is that leaflets were found in the Prizren region, supposedly distributed by a radical Albanian group LKCK, urging the Albanians to continue their fight and condemning UNMIK for its long presence in Kosovo. 

There are still nearly 400 IDPs (internally displaced persons) living in KFOR camps and a total of 4000 Kosovo-wide.  There was a clothing drive in Pristina for those who lost everything and several people from my office, including myself, donated spare clothes or things we didn't need.  The death-toll has been lowered to 20 people with 55 KFOR soldiers being injured.  Nearly 120 Serbian homes and 16 churches were destroyed.