Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Let It Snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!  Master Winter has not let go of Kosovo yet.  Last week, it snowed almost every day (just a light dusting that doesn't stick.)  But last night, about an inch of snow got dumped on us after dark!  While the snow is great, I would have to say that I'm ready for some sunshine and warm weather!  

I found a great new restaurant between Pristina and Gracanica called Rron.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find a restaurant with great food and excellent, elegant service.  They even have real chocolate mousse, not the pudding pass-off that so many other restaurants have :-P 

Smokey has a new girlfriend in the neighborhood.  I heard barking like crazy this past weekend while he was outside in his kennel (why, oh why, can't he let me sleep in?!)  When I looked outside, it was actually a female dog barking at him in his kennel while he ran (or that funny little doggie-prance) back and forth.  Emin informed me that she is small enough to actually get in the kennel with him to eat his food and play with him!  I think I will need to find a way to "lock-down" the kennel so that he won't have any uninvited visitors...the blackbirds already steal enough food as it is!

We'll try to escape this weekend to Skopje for some shopping.  There is a great Irish Pub on the ground floor of the shopping center called (surprisingly enough) "The Irish Pub"!  There is also another good restaurant (great ice cream in the summer but pass on the lemonade which is really lemon juice!) kitty-corner from the shopping center's fountain.  There's a large terrace equipped with misters that is heavenly during the hot summer months.