Monday, March 29, 2004

Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

The weekend passed with little incident although we are still restricted to duty travel only.  That means that I am taking a taxi to and from work each day.  The checkpoint at the entrance of Gracanica is back...and I imagine that it will remain there for awhile until things are "deemed" to be normal again.

A couple humorous things happened over the weekend to me at the checkpoint.  Friday evening my friends took me out for dinner and we stayed at the restaurant until nearly 12am having a grand time.  When returning from Pristina, I was stopped and asked if I was Serbian.  I personally don't think I look anything like a Serbian.  Of course, I said no...and was allowed to proceed to the house in the taxi.  The Albanian taxi driver was so flustered with the procedure that he almost didn't stop the car when I told him to stop.

The second was Saturday evening when returning from Pristina.  I jumped in a taxi to go home and was stopped at the entrance of Gracanica.  The pretty blonde Swedish soldier-girl asked to see the driver's ID and then asked about me.  Albanian or Serbian were tonight's choices...which I have to say, I don't look Serbian and I certainly don't look Albanian!  So, blah and blah, the driver could not enter Gracanica because he was Albanian and I had to walk from the checkpoint...luckily it was only four houses :)