Monday, April 19, 2004

One Month Later

It has been a little over a month now since the Kosovo riots.  The road in front of UN MHQ opened last week and things appear to have returned to least on the surface.  I like to think of Kosovo as a duck on the pond.  Everything looks calm on top but underneath, the feet are moving a mile a minute.  The checkpoint basically in my front yard remains and appears to be a semi-permanent fixture at the entrance to Gracanica.  I wouldn't be surprised if the checkpoint remains until the end of the summer.  The road closes from 8pm to 6am with razor-wire dragged across the road.
Tragically, three international police officers were shot and killed (11 others injured) in a shoot-out in the Mitrovica Detention Center, allegedly over a discussion about Iraq.  Two female American CivPols were killed and the Jordanian that was accused of starting the gun-fight...the 11 injured include one Austrian and the rest are Americans.