Monday, April 5, 2004

Toilet Paper Express :)

It isn't everyday that you see a police escort for toilet paper.  No, I'm not joking.  The road in front of  UN MHQ (Mission HQ) has been blocked to non-UN traffic since the 17th.  The contractor's van carrying toilet paper for HQ had a police escort this morning as I was coming to work.  It must have been VIP (very important paper!!!)  

I spent the weekend doing my spring cleaning and planting flowers on my balcony.  You wouldn't believe how dirty my walls get during the winter with those wood burning stoves.  Amazingly enough, the original color of my TV is black :-P~  My back is complaining this morning but the house is clean!!!

The weather is good with temperatures in the 50's.  I was able to open up the house and air-out after being shut up all winter.  I love the transition from winter to spring...taking a walk and breathing the fresh, brisk air...seeing the flowers coming up and the trees budding...planting a new garden...the newborn animals :)  I took a walk into Gracanica yesterday down to the monastery and took some pictures that I will upload when I get them off my camera :)