Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Back in Kosovo

I'm back and boy, it sure didn't take long for me to remember where I was!!!  It's my second day of work and I'm ready to go back on vacation!  In fact, I'm already planning a two week break at the beginning of September :-D

The story of my adventure back to Kosovo start with the flight leaving Zurich which was delayed about an hour which seems to be a normal occurrence with Macedonian Airlines (every time I've flown, it has been an hour off schedule) so we sat on the plane for an hour at the gate.  Then while we were waiting, a lady a couple seats in front of me decided to get comfortable so she took off her shoes and planted her bare feet up at the top of the window where she was sitting.  The flight then took off and there isn't much to discuss except the plethora of crying babies that seem to be a given on any flight to the Balkans.  Upon landing, people were in a rush so immediately when the wheels touched the ground they were opening the bins for the carry-on luggage and getting ready to de-plane...all as we are taxing to the terminal.  Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you that they applauded after Capt.. Kangaroo landed the plane.  Finally, as I was waiting in line (or at least what is considered a line in the Balkans) some dude (I refuse to call him a gentleman or man) came along the side of me, cut in front of me and then proceeded to do the same to the man who was in line before me!  Man I love traveling in the Balkans!

Then it was 1 1/2 hour joy-ride around semi-trucks, tractors, and horse-drawn carts back to Kosovo!  Finally, I arrived home and surprisingly enough, the power went out!!!  Reportedly, the power was off for four hours and on for two over the weekend.  Because I don't have any idea about the power schedule (UNMIK hasn't updated us since April) it is a blind guess of whether or not I'll be able to eat when I get home or if I'll have to wait two hours for the power to come on.