Saturday, August 21, 2004


Saw something interesting this past week that I almost forgot to share!  While sitting at lunch outside on the patio of a restaurant with some friends from work, I actually saw someone toss a bathtub from the second story of a building to the ground.  Yes, I did say bathtub.  It made quick a ruckus and we really could not believe our eyes!  But hey, I guess when you are remodeling, if the tub has to go, it has to go!!!

I had a Mexican fiesta this evening with friends.  I had brought back a bottle of Margarita mix in my hand-luggage so they could get a taste of real margaritas with Jose Cuervo (which by the way, you cannot purchase in the region unless you go to Greece.)  If I mentioned the Mexican restaurant before, I take back anything I said about it being great.  The last time we went, the food was not so good and when the power went out, the restaurant did not have a generator, which made us wonder how they were keeping the food fresh.  Anyways, while I was gone, Didem went there and ended up sick...soooo, I'm thinking that the only fajitas I'll be eating are the homemade ones from now on.