Tuesday, January 25, 2005

And More Snow!

It looks like the weather forecast was accurate for these two days.  It is still snowing.  Yesterday we got about 5cms (2 inches) of snow.  I bet the ski resort, Brezovica, is just absolutely buried in snow now.  Maybe it would be a good time to learn how to ski!!! 
Because the snow was wet, the roads were quite slippery yesterday.  It only took 40 minutes to reach home last night but as usual, there was an interesting traffic situation.  The large hill out of Pristina was pretty slippery.  A semi truck got stuck about halfway up the hill and had to start backing down the road.  The highway is divided with two lanes going each way so it wasn't really a problem for the truck to go down one lane, escorted by two private vehicles.  But the amazing thing was that people were trying to pass the line of traffic up the hill in the lane that the truck was using to go down.  I'm sure the truck driver was muttering choice phrases under his breath.